Flexible home desk

Adaptable design to suit your needs and optimize your space

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No assembly required

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The desk arrives 100% assembled: no nuts to tighten, no tools to use, and no directions to read. Simply open the box and grab the desk by the handle and put it in your place


At only 34 pounds, the desk is highly portable with a built-in handle so you can work anywhere.

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Convertible desk


Clutter-free workspace

Keep your power strip accessible yet hidden for the unappealing cables and chargers.

Console charging station

Shelf and Charging Console when folded for all your devices and personal items. Wall attachment piece included

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Work better


Choose your spot

Whether your backyard or terrace, work

from home means work from anywhere.

Increase productivity

Take your Moonlab desk anywhere, depending on your current mood, the sunlight, temperature, people, views.

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Easy storage


Fits under the bed

To save space, simply fold the desk and

put it underneath your bed

Behind the sofa

Accessible when you need it,

out of your way when you don't.


Work from home upgrade

Customer reviews

"I love the Moonlab desk! I use it everyday as my main work desk. It fits neatly and stylishly in my space. My favorite feature of the desk is how organized it keeps me. I have dedicated spaces for a laptop, monitor, cell phone, iPad, over-ear headphones. All of my cords and cables are neat and out of sight and it’s seamless for me to sit down and work with all of my devices. I highly recommend this desk!"

Miles, Los Angeles 

“I don’t know how I got through a year+ of working from home without this desk, so much so that I miss it when I’m working away from home! From the very early inception, Alvaro has thought through every detail to make it the most optimal experience for the customer, open and acting on my feedback to make it even better. The minimal aesthetic and design, every nook and cranny, makes it by far the best from any others out there - he really shot for the stars and landed on the moon with this Moonlab desk!”


Krishna, San Francisco

"This Moonlab adaptable desk is exactly the solution I was looking for now that I work from home in my one-bedroom apartment. It’s completely foldable and portable, so I can change my desk position every two or three weeks so I don't get tired of my view or furniture configuration. It’s also so lightweight I can easily move it outside on my balcony when the weather allows for it.


Alyson, New York 


the future of work is flexibility
- Google CEO, Sundar Pichai -