Desk Details:


The desk arrives pre-assembled: no nuts to tighten, no tools to use, and no directions to read.


At only 34 pounds, the desk is highly portable with a built-in handle so you can work anywhere.


For extra security the desk includes a "hunger piece" to prevent to fall down when its folded in vertical


When folded, it acts as a charging station for all your devices and a shelf for your personal items, with carefully designed spots to keep everything safe and organized.


Two slots of varying thickness to prop up your mobile device and charge through four hidden holes. The slots are angled toward the center of the desk for easy video calling.


Two hooks to hang your mask, headphones, backpack, and more.


Cable organization: an accessible yet hidden spot for the unappealing cables and chargers 


When not in use, this space-saving desk can be hidden under your bed, behind a sofa, or kept mounted to your wall (wall hanger included)


44" width x 26" depth x 30". Only 6" when folded 


Certified FRC Baltic Birch



2 weeks delivery time. Only U.S

Moonlab Desk